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Autumn is in the air!

As the days get shorter and evenings turn brisk, entice them to come to the table for a hearty, nutritious family dinner. This month's recipes make it easier than ever to serve a hot, homemade meal.

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Recipe photo Scalloped Potatoes Supreme
Complement an easy main dish like ham or deli chicken with this extra special version of convenient box potatoes.

Recipe photo Autumn Chicken Stew
Challenge your family to guess which secret autumn ingredient you've used in this unique chicken dish!

Recipe photo Slow Cooker Glazed Pork Roast with Carrots and Corn
Serve up a weeknight dinner that tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen, using this easy slow cooker recipe.

Recipe photo Bean and Vegetable Stew with Polenta
Make after-dinner cleanup extra easy with this one-pot hearty vegetarian stew.

Great Tips from You!


How do you pack fun into your child's brown bag lunch, while keeping it nutritious?


Tip #1 from Maria in Orlando

I like to decorate their brown lunch bags to make it fun. We do it together by creating the bags one week ahead of each school week and then they get to pick which one they want on which day.

Tip #2 from Serena in Bluffton

I hard boil eggs in advance and write special messages or draw funny faces on the shell. The kids really enjoy the special "I love you's" from me.

Tip #3 from Danette in Montegut, LA

I take vanilla wafer cookies and spread with cream cheese (either plain or flavored depending on what fruit I am using). I then take fruit that I cut into different shapes to make faces on the cookies. I stack these cookies one on top of the other and place in a freezer bag that has been in the freezer to keep them cool until lunch.

Tip #4 from Sharon M. in Fargo, ND

I cut ordinary food into fun shapes. Make a puzzle by cutting sandwich halves with a jagged or curved line. Or cut out the middle of slices of cheese, bread and meat with mini-cookie cutters, then put them back together with non-matching centers. (Don't spread with butter etc., so your kids can swap the centers without a mess.)

Editor's Picks:
On-the-go bars

What could be more convenient than a portable breakfast bar? How about these stove-top bars you make ahead with fruit, nuts and whole grain!

Featured recipe


arrow Cocoa-Peanut Butter-Banana Smoothies  Enjoy these delicious smoothies before heading out the door.  
Recipe photo

arrow Flax 'N Fruit Muffins  Bake extra nutrition and taste into these muffins with berries, nuts and flax seed.  
Recipe photo

arrow Snack Attack  Turn this fun cereal snack into a wildlife adventure.  
Recipe photo

arrow Autumn Leaf Cupcakes  Celebrate Fall with fancy leaf shapes you create with the kids.  
Recipe photo

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