In this issue: Game Day Tips and Savings

What is your favorite cost-savvy way to entertain the gang on game day? What are some inexpensive snacks, and fun ways to present them?


Tip #1 from Jean in Waupaca, WI

Cheaper than chips: Just put out a big bowl of plain old Cheerios instead of chips at the next game. If you want to get creative, you can use food color to dye them the same as your favorite team's colors. In my case that would be green and yellow, of course!

Tip #2 from Todd in Edwardsburg, MI

Looks like catering, but far less expensive: Take Wheat or Rye Bread, make your favorite sandwiches, and shape with a knife in the shape of a football. On the top, place onion slices in the shape of the white part of the football and hold the onion on with toothpicks.

Tip #3 from Susan in Monte Vista, CO

Less expensive snacks you already have: One of our favorite snacks is to create our own "Chex Mix.” Add some cereal that's in the cupboard, dried fruits, choco-chips or mini marshmallows....and Walla! Always a little different but always good. Last time our son broke up some hot cinnamon disk candies and added that, boy was that good!

Tip #4 from Stefanie in Las Vegas, NV

Let guests pitch in: For game day I have everyone bring their favorite snack so that it saves me money and they always have something they like. For inexpensive snacks I set up a nacho bar, where they can pile their favorite toppings on chips. I also make sugar cookies that everyone can decorate with their favorite team colors.

Editor's Picks: Game Day

Here are some great ideas for cheering on your favorite team that won't run afoul of your budget:

The gang will really enjoy this tasty snack flavored with a tang of ranch dressing. The best part? It's not only frugal, but takes only 15 minutes!

Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix


Plan ahead
If you're going to the game, skip the expensive concessions and bring your own snacks.

Trim your waistline and your budget
Eat a healthy meal before you head to a bar to enjoy the game. You'll be less tempted to spend money on empty calories.

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