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It's Harvest Time!

This month we feature tasty comfort foods made with Fall's bounty, like apples, corn, squash and sweet potatoes. Then we bake up some spooky fun with easy Halloween versions of classic treats.


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Recipe photo Easy Meatballs
Baked meatballs are so simple! And check out our secret way to make them all the same size.

Recipe photo Curried Squash Soup
Add some variety to your family's soup options with this creamy, low calorie selection.

Recipe photo Granola Streusel-Topped Sweet Potatoes
Add an easy crunchy topping to classic sweet potato casserole with a surprise ingredient: granola bars!

Recipe photo Classic Baked Corn Pudding
Try this cheesy version of a traditional dish. It will make your family say "More corn, please!".

Great Tips from You!


Family Fun with Food: What is your family's favorite meal or treat to prepare together?


Tip #1 from Joy in Fort Mill

We love to bake cookies. I get all the ingredients out my daughter reads and measures and then my son scoops them on to the cookie sheet. My husband helps too... he eats them.

Tip #2 from Kim in Minneapolis

My boys love stuff-your-own-tacos night. While I cook up the taco meat, they help decide which toppings to set out. Should we slice black or green olives? White or yellow cheese? And which kind of salsa? With all the makings set out in bowls, each boy stuffs a stand-up taco shell to his own personal taste.

Tip #3 from Tami in Des Plaines

From the time my kids were little we have always baked cupcakes together. They love licking the beaters, measuring, pouring and just having fun together.

Tip #4 from Katie in Cedar Rapids, IA

We like to bake cookies together, with lots of giggling while sneaking a bit of dough. That's mostly by the kids, LOL. Warm from the oven cookies seem to warm our hearts.

Editor's Picks:
Tasty Creepy Critters

EEK! Spiders you can eat! It's frighteningly easy to create these fun Halloween treats with a cookie mix.

Featured recipe


arrow Halloween Black Cat Cake  Start with basic round cake layers, then cut and place to create this spooky feline.  
Recipe photo

arrow Halloween Cheese Pizza  Use Halloween cookie cutters to add spooky cheese shapes to this pizza.  
Recipe photo

arrow Whole-Grain Snack Mix  Take just 5 minutes to mix up three healthy cereals, raisins, peanuts and carob chips.  
Recipe photo

arrow Creamy Apple-Raisin Oatmeal  Wake up ho-hum oatmeal with quick and easy stir-ins.  
Recipe photo

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