In this issue: Halloween Tips and Savings

How do you get your kids back into the routine of eating a thrifty but healthy breakfast as school starts?


Tip #1 from Joan in Roswell, NM

For Halloween, when all the school sales are going on & supplies are 'extra' cheap, I buy pencils, erasers and notebooks. This is what I hand out to kids for Halloween. I usually add a little package of Fruit Roll-Ups® to sweeten the deal!

Tip #2 from Daphne in Portland, OR

As an elementary school teacher for thirty years, I was in the unique position of learning about many families' holiday traditions. One terrific Halloween treat came from a family who oven-baked pumpkin seeds scooped from their jack-o-lanterns, and served them lightly salted. They were fun to eat, and healthy!

Tip #3 from Patti in Waterloo, IN

We do not focus on Halloween, but on Fall being a time of harvest. We have a chili dinner every October for the family and we decorate the tables with fall bouquets, and some craft items we have made. As a snack, we mix candy corn with peanuts. We also bake brownies and frosted sugar cookies, (Thank you, Betty Crocker!). We love Fall. It is almost as much fun as Christmas time around here.

Tip #4 from Elaine in Carrollton

I always take a non-sweet snack to our Fall Festival. Some kid-friendly choices are a fruit tray, cheese cubes, pigs-in-a-blanket and snack mix made with various cereals and crackers. These aren't all 'health foods', but they do provide a bit more nutrition (and less sugar) than all of the traditional Halloween candy and treats.

Editor's Picks: Halloween

Here is a sweet snack guaranteed to satisfy all those young trick-or-treaters, and your pocket!

Sugared Skull Cookies


Chocolate Fudge Witch's Hat

Add to the fun by letting the kids put their own spin on this easy-to-make witch's hat. It can stand up straight, be droopy or folded-over. Let them choose bat, moon, star shapes, or their favorite spooky shape!


Pillsbury® Ready toBake™
Shape Ghost Cookie

For the fast track crowd, a quick and easy Halloween treat that is already decorated for you. Just bake and enjoy!

Easy Decorating Idea

Kids love colored candy sprinkles. Here's an easy, non-messy way for them to add sprinkles on top of their cookies! Pour black and orange sprinkles in a small bowl or cup. Dip the top of each Pillsbury® Ready To Bake™ sugar cookie dough round in sprinkles, pressing in a bit so the sprinkles stick. Then bake as directed.

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