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May Is in Bloom!

What are you celebrating this May? Whether it's a graduation, Mother's day, or a wedding shower, this month’s Family-Cents is bursting with quick and easy recipes to delight your family and friends...and get you out of the kitchen in no time.

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Recipe photo Big-Batch Salsa Chicken Fiesta
Satisfy a crowd with this festive main dish, and make it even more fun by setting out colorful toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, olives, and onions.

Recipe photo Chicken Parmesan Pasta Salad
Whip up a double batch of this tasty, filling salad for a potluck or when company is coming. It's so quick and easy...just 10 minutes of prep time.

Recipe photo Club Pasta Salad
Serve this quick-fix alternative to club sandwiches to satisfy big and small appetites alike. Even picky eaters will enjoy the mix of colors, textures and flavors.

Recipe photo Chicken Lo Mein
Rescue a hectic evening from the supper doldrums when you put this delicious Asian stir-fry on the table in just 20 minutes.

Great Tips from You!


What is your favorite "can't miss" recipe for a graduation open house or any entertaining occasion?


Tip #1 from Pam T. in Bellevue

Make an easy dip of cream cheese and marshmallow fluff - it's a can't-miss hit with fresh strawberries, pineapple and nectarines.

Tip #2 from Julie S. in Minneapolis, MN

I like to make a huge batch of Buffalo chicken wings, which is easy with bottled Buffalo sauce. Keep the wings warm in crock pots, and set out lots of celery sticks and baby carrots (plus some Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing of course), for those who are trying to eat healthy.

Tip #3 from Debbie in Cohasset, MN

Grill an assortment of meat and veggie kabobs on smaller (snack-size) skewers. I assemble lots of kabobs in advance and marinate in the refrigerator, then assign hubby to keep batches sizzling on the grill throughout a party or open house.

Tip #4 from Chris in Wisconsin

I make a variety of mini sandwiches on interesting bread (pita, focaccia, whole grain). Fillings include chicken salad, ham spread, sliced chicken or turkey with guacamole and thin onion slices...use your imagination! Cut them into festive triangle shapes and hold together with fancy toothpicks, securing a colorful garnish like red pepper strip or olive slice with the toothpick.

Editor's Picks:
Elegant Cookie Tarts

Impress your guests with these prize-winning mini tarts, perfect for a shower or Mother's Day brunch.

Featured recipe


arrow Spring Flower Brownies  Make your friends "ooh" and "ahh" when they see these cute, fudgy treats with easy to create marshmallow flowers.  
Recipe photo

arrow Dreamy Orange Cream  Wake up sleepy taste buds with this brunch-perfect dessert. The citrus colors will remind you of sunshine.  
Recipe photo

arrow "Healthified" Strawberry Shortcake Squares  Treat your calorie-conscious friends and family to a lower calorie version of this classic spring and summer favorite.  
Recipe photo

arrow Cereal-Almond Brittle  Surprise the kids with this cookie jar treat made with whole-grain cereal.  
Recipe photo

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