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Mother's Day: CLICK AND SAVE

Even though Mother’s Day is technically your day, you know it’s not that simple. Your family needs a hand getting the celebration off the ground. This issue’s recipes, tips and coupons should help.


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Savings Corner: QUICK TIPS

Savings Corner Crunchy Garlic Chicken:  Make Mother’s Day memorable with this main dish. They’ll ask for seconds!  Cheesy Green Beans:  15-minutes in the kitchen. That’s all this recipe takes, giving you more time with mom.  Layered Yogurt Fruit Salad:  Lighten up with this fresh, fun salad. Kids can help, too.  Strawberry and Cream Cupcakes:  End mom’s day with a sweet treat. The secret ingredient: Strawberry-flavored soda pop. 

Great Tips from You!


What's your favorite Mother's Day food story?


Tip #1 from Lynn in Austin, TX

One Mother's Day, our kids very ceremoniously shooed my husband and I from the house and told us not to come back 'til dinner. They were teenagers at the time so I was more than a bit worried about the house. What they cooked up for us was so cute: Hamburger Helper by candlelight. Dessert: Oreos and milk. And the house? It's still standing.

Tip #2 from Ann in Minneapolis, MN

My 2-year-old son loved to pull pots and bowls out of my kitchen cupboards for some noisy "cooking" on the floor. On Mother's Day it was pleasant to hear him playing rather quietly with his kitchen "toys" - until I realized that I had accidentally left a full bottle of corn oil in the lower cupboard. He had poured out the beautiful sparkling liquid in a puddle that was rapidly spreading across my living room carpet. Fortunately the flooring was old, and I received a belated Mother's Day gift of new carpet!

Tip #3 from Patty in Boston, MA

Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed is a tradition at my house. When the kids were little, cereal and juice were proudly presented (with help from their dad) on a tray with a single flower. But as the children get older, the breakfast has become more sophisticated. This year I expect a full course meal with a bouquet of flowers. Think I will put a few of these recipes around the house where they can be found.

Tip #4 from Kathy in Pittsburg, PA

Call me silly, but I do not dream of being treated to a restaurant dinner each Mother's Day. Instead, I enjoy spending a little quality time in the kitchen with my (for one day only) cheerful and willing "assistant chefs". I usually pick out a new recipe we haven't tried yet, and my kids and even my husband all pitch in with a smile. They measure ingredients, stir and taste-test, and even take care of clean up. Now that is what I call a dream day.

Editor's Picks - Mother's Day
Great-tasting recipes to make mom’s day!

Strawberry-Orange Smoothies


Yogurt-Bran Muffins

Perfect for morning munching or an on-the-go snack.

Hash Brown Frittata

Mom will love this tasty skillet dish for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Talk about versatile!

Oatmeal Brown Sugar Pancakes

Ordinary flapjacks can’t compete. Ladies and gentlemen, start your griddles.

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