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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This month, treat your family to a bit of green, with all kinds of tasty recipes. You'll feel lucky when you check out our money saving coupons and convenient tips.

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Recipe photo Corned Beef Biscuit Sandwiches
Create a delicious new twist in just minutes by wrapping corned beef and Swiss cheese in a ready-to-bake frozen biscuit.

Recipe photo Broccoli Chowder
Give your family a bonus serving of veggies when you stir frozen broccoli or spinach into this creamy, cheesy chowder.

Recipe photo Scalloped Potatoes Supreme
Save time by serving this potatoes-and- veggies combination. You can substitute asparagus, peas or broccoli for the green beans.

Recipe photo Cheesy Vegetable Risotto
Banish side dish boredom when you prepare this creamy, cheesy rice recipe. Your kids will love it!

Recipe photo Beef Pasta and Green Beans
Make supper super easy with this five-ingredient one-dish meal, starting with Hamburger Helper®.

Great Tips from You!


What is your family's favorite budget-stretching meal or recipe?


Tip #1 from Cynthia C. in Topsfield

Any type of pasta with a little butter, olive oil, peas, and sauteed frozen shrimp. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve with salad or fruit.

Tip #2 from Kimber K. in Buffalo, NY

I buy a rotisserie chicken from my local supermarket. We have that for dinner one night, then I will save the bones, skin and other meat from it and make chicken soup with it that week.

Tip #3 from Lisa in Buckley, WA

I always make extra rice and freeze the leftovers. Next time I make beans and rice, the rice is already done. Also, I make mashed potatoes with pureed steamed cauliflower... it stretches the potatoes and provides extra nutrition.

Tip #4 from April in Bainbridge Island

We love chili, so I make it with half the meat and add extra beans and a cup of cooked rice to stretch it. The kids love it, it's very filling and keeps the spiciness just right for kids. Any leftovers top baked potatoes the next night.

Editor's Picks:
Lucky Sweet Treat

Top these three-layer brownies with shamrock garnishes made of green gumdrops for a fun and fancy St. Patrick's Day dessert.

Featured recipe


arrow Key Lime-Banana Smoothie  Whip up this smooth fruity refreshment in just 10 minutes.  
Recipe photo

arrow Irish Cream-Coffee Bars  Start with sugar cookie mix to bake up an elegant dessert that looks like you fussed!  
Recipe photo

arrow Honey Walnut-Orange Blossoms  Turn easy into extra-special by adding just three ingredients to refrigerated cinnamon rolls.  
Recipe photo

arrow Crescent-Topped Shepherd's Pie  Use refrigerated crescent dough instead of potatoes for a quick and easy version of this classic comfort food.  
Recipe photo

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