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It's Suddenly Summer!

The school year is over, days are getting longer, and our family routines are...not so routine! It's time to pack up a picnic or fire up the grill, even on a weeknight. This issue's recipes will help you surprise your family quickly and inexpensively.


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Recipe photo Texas Turkey Burgers
Turn up the heat with these spicy Tex-Mex burgers, on the grill or under a broiler. Tame the flavor by using half the chopped chilies.

Recipe photo Crunchy Asian Pasta Salad
Serve grilled chicken, burgers or pork with this Asian-inspired veggie and fruit pasta salad. It will be the hit of any potluck picnic!

Recipe photo Grilled Picnic Taco Nachos
Make nachos on the grill! Your family will want to munch a bunch with this surprising twist on a favorite snack.

Recipe photo Fresh Fruit Tart
Use Betty Crocker cake mix for the base of this fruit tart, and then add your favorite fresh fruits of summer. It looks like you fussed, but it's easy!

Great Tips from You!


Summer Grilling: What's your family's favorite outdoor meal in the summer?


Tip #1 from Erika B. in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

In the summer, my husband and I love to grill Italian sausages, and then fill a toasted baguette with peppers and onions. They are so good and I am always satisfied!

Tip #2 from Jim M. in Newport News

Grilled chicken drumletts with a bacon wrap. I season the drumletts with hot salt then wrap then in bacon. Cook till done and serve with fries and a salad.

Tip #3 from Marcia B. in St. Paul, MN

I love to grill salmon when I have my family over for a picnic. I marinate it with a mixture of soy sauce, red wine and a little olive oil, and grill it on a shallow “pan” made out of folded aluminum foil.

Tip #4 from Julie S. in Minneapolis, MN

We love anything easy, made on the grill. Marinated chicken wings are a favorite, placed on the top rack of the grill for slower cooking while burgers and brats are sizzling on the main rack closer to the heat.

Editor's Picks - Summer Fun

BUG YOUR KIDS! Surprise them with these six-legged sweet treats.

Bug Cupcakes


Grilled Corn Nibblers® with Lime Butter  Easy corn on the grill, with a touch of pizazz.  
Recipe photo

Sunny Broccoli Pasta Salad  This family favorite is a snap to whip up with Suddenly Salad!  
Recipe photo

S'mores Bars  These easy bars will have you singing campfire songs any time, anywhere!  
Recipe photo

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