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Winter Warmup

It's February and love is in the air, but oh my, it still feels cold outside! This month Family Cents brings you fun and romantic Valentine treats, along with tips and recipes that help chase the chill.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


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Recipe photo Fast and Easy Jambalaya
Turn last night's leftover chicken into tonight's tangy Soul Food. You'll chase away the chills and the blues!

Recipe photo Bacon-topped Green Beans
Make your family clamor for veggies when you add crispy bacon and flavorful herbs to fresh or frozen green beans.

Recipe photo Home-Style Minestrone
Cozy up with your family (or that special someone) to a steaming bowl of chef- inspired soup. It's easy and inexpensive, but oh-so-elegant!

Recipe photo Crab Cakes Chiarello
Try this award-winning chef's recipe for a restaurant-style entree at home. Perfect for a cozy dinner without the restaurant price tag.

Great Tips from You!


How do you sneak extra nutrition into your family's menu, or trim calories, without sacrificing taste?


Tip #1 from Johanna L. in Tafton, PA

When you make meatloaf or any kind of stuffing, add 1 or 2 cups of French style green beans or shredded carrots. It adds moisture and a great taste (plus they won’t know what hit them). Yum!

Tip #2 from Brittany C. in Little Rock, AR

My husband tells me I am always trying to be sneaky with the meals I fix. I love to eat, but don't love all the calories that come with food. That is why I am always finding ways to trim calories or simply make our meals and desserts a little more nutritious. For example, in my desserts I use applesauce instead of oil (I just double the amount called for) and I use Neufchatel cheese instead of regular cream cheese. When cooking our main meals some things I do are use low sodium cream of chicken, no salt-added canned vegetables and 2% milk cheese. Anytime I can buy reduced fat, reduced sugar, & "light" items and so on I do. Most people who have tried my "sneaky" meals and desserts cannot tell the difference. If they do notice a difference, they say it actually tastes better!

Tip #3 from Terri F. in Ponce de Leon, FL

My children think that they don't like veggies such as celery, onions, peppers etc. but really they do. I sneak them in soups, meatloaf, and gravies by pureeing them first.

Tip #4 from Megan S. in Houston, TX

We like sloppy joes, but I use ground turkey instead of beef and add chopped onion, red and green bell pepper. Serve this on a warm whole wheat bun, and it is spectacular.

Editor's Picks:
Here's My Heart

Treat your kids with a tempting alternative to Valentine's candy. They're made with NEW Chocolate Cheerios® cereal.

Featured recipe


arrow Brownies and Chocolate-Raspberry Fondue  Stir up a romantic dessert with the easiest chocolate sauce ever—only two ingredients!  
Recipe photo

arrow Black Forest Muffin Cakes  Modernize a classic dessert using muffin mix and canned pie filling. Simply scrumptious!  
Recipe photo

arrow Lucky Charms® Raspberry Smoothie  Energize your family's breakfast with this 5-minute treat: cereal, fruit and yogurt in a glass!  
Recipe photo

arrow Snowy Heart Cutouts  Say "I think you're sweet" with these easy, elegant hearts.  
Recipe photo

arrow Hugs and Kisses  Let your kids help shape the dough for extra-special Xs and Os.  
Recipe photo

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