In this issue: Holiday Tips and Savings

What are some fun, frugal ways for the family to get involved in the kitchen during the holidays?


Tip #1 from Corena in Texarkana, TX

We experiment with different kinds of cereals as a base for making trail/snack mixes. Some of our favorites are Apple flavored cereal, Chocolate with peanut butter, Honey/Graham with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Each year we create a new combination to give as holiday treats to teachers and friends. The combinations are endless!

Tip #2 from Mia in Ocala, FL

I have a Christmas tree decorating tradition that I started many years ago. It involves Chex Cereal. The little pocketed open spaces are easy to thread with a needle. It looks really cool, and natural on the tree.

Tip #3 from Tiffany in Downingtown, PA

It's always about the bread. Making bread is a low cost way to get the family in the kitchen, and keep the dollars in your pocket!

Tip #4 from Canfieldseals in Hammonton, NJ

Thumb Print Cookies. Each person helping takes a piece of dough the size of a ping-pong ball, places it on the oven pan, presses their thumb into it, and fills the hole with chocolate or jelly. I could keep an entire classroom of up to 20 children occupied doing this.

Editor's Picks: Holidays

The Holidays are a time to snack. Here are a few dishes to accompany those special moments with family and friends.

Chex Muddy Buddies


Caramel Crisp Bars

Bring in the holiday cheer with these deliciously chewy bars, made with Cheerios® cereal and a touch of chocolate.

Christmas Cheer

Put a sparkle on your holiday entertaining with this warm, non-alcoholic fruit punch made with Nestlé® Juicy Juice® and a hint of cinnamon.


Fill your cookie jar with these delicious holiday themed goodies from Betty Crocker.

Jolly Snowman Faces

A cookie recipe so easy that it doesn't require rolling. Have fun making faces with the frosting!

Sugar Cookie Snowmen

A perfect recipe to get the kids involved in cookie making fun!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Make this easy instant classic by mixing Hershey's kisses chocolates and Betty Crocker cookie mix.

Holiday Snickerdoodles

Try an easy version of the classic cinnamon and sugar cookie.


A special treat for chocoholics with a peanut butter craving.

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