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Ready...Set...Back to School!

Can you believe it's almost time for the kids to head back to school? Start planning how to feed your hungry bunch with this month's fun snacks for after school and quick-fix meals.

And we're heading in an exciting direction, too. This Fall, watch for Family-Cents.com to become Better At Home! We'll share more details in September.


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Recipe photo Chef's Pasta Salad
Serve this colorful pasta salad on a bed of lettuce for a special touch...and a double dose of veggies.

Recipe photo Refried Bean Roll-Ups
Roll up a Mexican dinner or hearty snack in a flash with these easy taco alternatives. For extra taste and nutrition add chopped tomato, onions, or bell pepper...whatever you have on hand.

Recipe photo Extra-Easy Pizza
Whip up this Bisquick crust in a few minutes, top with fresh ingredients and you’re good to go. Check the recipe notes for a tip on keeping the crust light and tender.

Recipe photo Turkey and Broccoli Pasta
Add a nutrition boost to a favorite quick- supper standby (Hamburger Helper) with low-fat ground turkey and frozen broccoli.

Great Tips from You!


When summer temperatures soar, what are some of your family's favorite keep-cool meals or treats?


Tip #1 from Kim in Kalispell, MT

I freeze grapes during the summer. While the kids are eating lunch, I take a bowl out & there you go! A nice cool dessert.

Tip #2 from Karen L. in Chula Vista, CA

Shaved ice with real strawberries and banana with sweetened milk all mixed together. It tastes great - strawberry raspado.

Tip #3 from Krista in Camp Lejeune

Some nights we just eat veggies fresh from the garden and seasonal fruits like watermelon and peaches. We also make our own ice cream.

Tip #4 from Rachel in Coon Rapids, MN

I love to mix it up and make our own unique hamburgers from scratch. I buy ground turkey when it goes on sale, use part, and freeze the rest for another time. I mix in different blends of spices, cheeses, and vegetables. That way, we enjoy great flavor with less fat!

Editor's Picks:
Breakfast on a Stick

Wake up your sleepy family with this fun and surprising way to serve fruit, meat, and dairy. You can even thread the kabobs the night before.

Featured recipe


arrow Beehive Banana Muffins  A sweet crunchy topping makes these muffins buzz with flavor.  
Recipe photo

arrow Kix® on Stix  Wrap these fun, wholesome treats in plastic for a lunchbox surprise!  
Recipe photo

arrow PB&J Sandwich Cookies   Jazz up a family-favorite cookie with two surprise layers.  
Recipe photo

arrow Baked Apples with Granola   "Bake" these apples in just a few minutes... in the microwave! Granola bars make the crunchy topping easy, too.  
Recipe photo

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